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ian mcclaughlin wired to be weird

Ian McLaughlin – Murder, Addiciton & Neuroscience + Scandals, Debates & Future Tech!

Neal is joined by friend of the show Ian McLaughlin, a PhD student in Neuroscience & host of the ‘Wired to be Weird‘ podcast. Ian explains the significance of brain trauma or issues in the brain that may play a role in the alleged actions taking by people like Aaron Hernandez & the Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock.

The guys also discuss topics ranging from addiction, Elon Musk’s Neuralink, scandals & debates within Science & so much more! As if it’s not interesting enough, Ian has a passion for Neuroscience that is contagious!

You can thank Ian later for making you sound so smart the next time you talk about the Science, addiction & brain control devices coming to a future near you!

Topics discussed on episode:

  • Aaron Hernandez brain trauma + alleged crimes/suicide
  • Stephen Paddock mass killing in Las Vegas
  • Mental health being used more often as a tool in court
  • Drug & Alcohol addiction & whether it’s a disease
  • Debated & Scandals within Science
  • Elon Musk’s Neuralink / Mind Control devices
  • Much more interesting & in-depth topics

After listening to this episode, go check out more from Ian at the websites mentioned above!

Shout out to the guys over at Liquid Spiral for providing the intro & outro music.

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