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Hilcorp gave 100k bonus

Hilcorp Gave $100K Bonus To All Of Their Employees

Hilcorp gave 100K bonus to each one of its employees, all the way down to the receptionist. Almost sounds like something out of a movie or a story you would tell your kids, that if they work hard this may happen one day. But its real life, and a company full of everyday people are a whole lot more in the Christmas spirit this holiday season.

Before you give me the line about money not being everything and how Christmas isn’t about receiving, I hear ya. In reality though, this is one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard of a job doing for its employees. In regards to the money isn’t everything debate, as rapper Jadakiss once told us,”more money, more problems, but it’s worse when you’re broke”.

I don’t want to stray off onto the money debate in this article so let me get back on track. According to Fortune.com this is not the first time Hilcorp has given the employees of the company such a generous bonus.

A “we are all in this together” culture, installed by Jeff Hildebrand when he founded this oil and gas company in 1989, manifests itself in open book management, rich bonuses averaging 33% of pay and outrageous rewards for meeting certain goals. In 2011 every employee received a voucher for $50,000 to buy a new car, or $35,000 cash (prorated based on hire date).

I also brought up the fact that Hilcorp gave 100K bonus to it’s employees for another reason though…

The goal at ClockDodgers.com has always been to help our fellow Clock Dodgers escape the clutches of the 9-5 mindset, typically by motivating you to start working towards your own passions in life, rather than continuing to bust your ass for the next guys dreams. In the case of those who are happy working 9-5 for someone else, we only want to free your mind by helping you think about something other than the report your supervisor keeps asking you to finish by Friday. I say that because our goal is not to bash the 9-5 work week, as clearly if you were working at Hilcorp right now, you’d be ecstatic after receiving that 100K bonus! But we want to continue to stress how important it is for you to break that 9-5 MINDSET, so that you can realize your passions & bring them to life.

Whether its art, fashion, music, sports, or working in an office, it really doesn’t matter. Just make the world a better place and continue to inspire the rest of us.

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