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Gurl Problems Todd Gurley

Gurl Problems (Letter To Todd Gurley)

To Whom It May Concern,

I don’t want to make this all about me or take it all out on you. This is about us, we are in this together. 

I put you on a pedestal no one belongs on.  I set myself up for disappointment. 

I trusted you! I really never thought you would do this to me. Have I not flattered you enough?  Have I taken you for granted?  After all I’ve done for you this is how you repay me?  To say the least you don’t cook the same anymore and you’re becoming hard to appreciate!  

I think of all the others I could have had when I chose you! Yes, I chose you. You weren’t always the best looking and I knew you would come with some baggage but I chose you.  

I have countlessly defended you and your “situation” and you leave me looking like a fool.  Yet I stay here at your side I’m committed to this.  I will not run from you though it would be nice if maybe you understood the run concept as well. 

You’re literally the only Gurl for me.  

I miss the you and me I imagined. This is not who we are.  You’ve let me down.

You can’t have betrayal without trust and to say the least you can not hurt me much more.  I’m losing faith in you I don’t trust you anymore.  

I know you can’t always choose your friends but I don’t think your company is helping you to much.  We can try to make excuses for why we are where we are but that won’t change our situation.  

I have been more than vocal letting the world know how I feel about you.  I wish you made yourself more available I would have tried to convey my feeling to you as well.  

I still believe the best is yet to come for us. I will continue to turn down those two for ones. Honestly I can’t get enough of you. You are my Gurl, the one for me. I want more of you. 

You’ve ran through my head so much I can’t help but wonder if I wore your legs out.  Let them rest now 

Sincerely yours,

Shane Swager 

P.S. – This is my favorite picture of you, Bring back the Gurl I use to know…

Gurl Problems - Clock Dodgers

Written By: Shane Swager – Catch him on Twitter @swagzillaOG or on the Fantasy Life App @swagzilla

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