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eastwatch recap

Game of Thrones – S7 Ep. 5 – Eastwatch Recap

Game of Thrones Ep. 5 Eastwatch Recap. A new dream team is in town, but for how long? Jon Targaryen, err…Jon Snow visited the Dragon petting zoo & Tyrion met with Jaime…say WHAT?!? Clock Dodgers Game of Thrones recaps are a passion filled good time where we bring the tears & the laughs! Although to be honest, nobody finds dragons burning people to death funny, well you might, and if you do then go get your head checked out fool! Hit us up on Twitter/Instagram at @clockdodgers! Be Kind, Be Great, Keep Dodging!

Topics discussed on the Spoils of War episode:
  • Jon Snow gets real close with a dragon (hint?)
  • Daenerys makes more toast
  • Lannister baby in the oven?
  • Aarya getting played by Little Finger?
  • Three-Eyed Raven aka Bran has a vision
  • Dream Team is assembled…will they all die?

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