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GM Rankings

Clock Dodgers / FLOG Fantasy Football League GM Rankings

What is the Clock Dodgers/FLOG Fantasy Football League and why the need for pre-draft rankings?

We’re a thirty-two team fantasy football league that will be drafted into two sixteen team leagues by the host of the Clock Dodgers & FL OG Podcast. Neal & Mike, or @prophyt & @mpw270 as they are known on the Fantasy Life App will be making the picks.

We decided to do pre-draft rankings with polls on the Fantasy Life App to make things a little more interesting. GM’s were put through vigorous combine challenges in an attempt to show our worth. To say the least, I hope everyone in the league and whoever supported us throughout this process enjoyed it at least half as much as I have.

So who are we? Well, that’s a good question. Who do we think we are? That might be a better one.

A bunch of fantasy football Alpha males and @shelly. Poor @shelly.

We are a group of some of those most arrogant and opinionated people I’ve ever had in one spot at the same time. While I can see how those adjectives sound bad, they’re not. We have so many different characters in this group we challenge each other each and everyday.  We are also open minded enough to hear each other out whether it sways us one way or the other.  Not just in our Fantasy Football lives either. I feel challenged socially when we discuss current events and hot button topics. While I pick my battles, I never worry about what someone thinks.  It’s a place where I’ve been able to allow myself to be a little vulnerable.  To say the least, we’ve all grown to respect and appreciate each other.  We give great advice (or try to) on each others personal life events also. Even things that we’re going through today or tomorrow, maybe something that happened yesterday.  There’s always someone around Clock Dodgers to help with Fantasy Football or general life conversations.

In the end, we are undoubtedly a bunch of Fantasy Football junkies!!!

You can find me anytime to talk about the rankings on who I think is to low or to high. Sleepers, risers, fallers and anything else in between. Who I think will return ADP and who won’t, so literally nothing is off the table when discussing my rankings.

Enough talking, let’s get to these rankings!

*Reminder, these are rankings of the GM’s who are participating in the league itself. This is a league setting unique to the Clock Dodgers / FLOG Podcast Fantasy Football League. P.S. These rankings were all done in fun, no hurt feelings.

Clock Dodgers / FLOG Podcast - Fantasy Football GM Rankings

1. @ad87
2. @swagzilla
3. @geo
4. @1littleindian
5. @mrmeseeks
6. @shelly
7. @cory
8. @joshkelleytime
9. @thehype
10. @moneymartins
11. @hoog
12. @colts00gt
13. @caveman
14. @knighthawk7734
15. @jmarin
16. @2drinkminimum
17. @jacob9er
18. @theogchamp
19. @sramir971
20. @itburns
21. @gates
22. @chiruxin
23. @jedy
24. @blakeb221
25. @stevemc
26. @noodlexv
27. @21jank
28. @usanumber1
29. @jrfrank2183
30. @marksimon24

One comment

  1. 22nd? Wow I fell off quite a bit since the beginning of the combine! Watch out for me though, I will be one of those risers/sleepers Shane was talking about!! Wahahahaha!!! (Evil laugh)

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