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give me a break kirk herbstreit

Your Guide Through The Chaos – Give Me A Break Kirk Herbstreit

Give Me a Break!

Come on Kirk Herbstreit, we all know you graduated from Ohio State as a Buckeye. Congratulations. But please, stop making excuses for the dreadful performances shown by your former team. This is just another bad feather in your cap of favoritism.

For those of you who missed the game or just decided that it wasn’t going to be entertaining enough, you missed some really…..Never mind, the game was awful. There was one key moment in the game that stood out the most. That moment came when Ohio State Alum Kirk Herbstreit believed he could defend the inadequate performance from the Buckeyes by trying to give Indiana a little more praise than they deserved. In the middle of the 3rd quarter, Herbstreit said, this QB/WR group of Indiana will be overall the best group that the Buckeyes will face all year.

Buckeyes kirk herbstreit

Let me get this straight. You are paid to be an analyst. You are paid very well to be an analyst. Where in the hell did you come up with such a boneheaded idea that, Indiana in any sense of the phrase “best the Buckeyes will face all year” actually was plausible. I know you don’t want your beloved Buckeyes to look like fools but maybe that is what they needed. If you honestly believed that statement of yours, maybe you should seek immediate medical attention. You could be having a brain aneurysm. If you don’t truly believe it, stop making us as at home feel like we are about to throw up our dinner with your nonsense.  

Why is what Kirk said absolutely insulting? Well, for starters, do you know who is the Offensive Coordinator for Ohio State? His name is Kevin Wilson. Kevin seems like a good guy. Haven’t met him before but his previous body of work offensively isn’t too bad. Do you know where Kevin Wilson came from? If you guessed Indiana, you were correct.

So how is it that Kevin Wilson didn’t know how to beat his former players or assistant coaches in the first half? Do we sit back and point fingers at him? Absolutely not. I can’t for one second believe that Kevin Wilson failed to do his job. What I can do is point out the fact that Ohio State is the most overrated team year in and year out. What happened to Ohio State when it played teams with real defenses and offenses? How about when Ohio State played teams with real talent last season? They lost or should have if Michigan didn’t get the shaft from the officials.

Not only is what Herbstreit said insulting to college football fans but what he said will resonate throughout the season, starting in week 2. I hope that Oklahoma was watching this game. I hope the players and coaches take what Kirk said and use it as motivation for the game next Saturday. Before the season, I had Oklahoma getting blown out by Ohio State. After watching the performance against Indiana, I feel safe saying the Sooners have a legitimate chance to win this one. Baker Mayfield should be enraged with what was said and if the Sooners didn’t already have enough billboard material, they will now.

What about Penn State? The Nittany Lions are my favorite to win the division and possibly the conference. Sorry Wisconsin. Does anyone remember the outcome of last year’s game? I bet the Buckeyes do. Penn State already has a chip on its shoulder after being left out of the playoffs despite winning their conference. I guarantee you, the Lions could have at least made a field goal against Clemson. Penn State got better in the offseason and it appears once again, the Ohio State Buckeyes have remained lethargic. Sure you put up 49 points tonight against the Hoosiers but this was a game just like last year that should have been over before halftime.

penn state buckeyes

Speaking of being over. The average college football game was 3 hours and 24 minutes last season. ESPN scheduled Sports Center with SVP to start at 11:00PM EST. The matchup between OSU and Indiana started at 8:00PM EST. Even the executives (who probably sit in air condition and don’t know anything about football) thought the game would be over in less than three hours. I am sure ESPN (Disney) would have liked a little more money by playing a few more commercials. See OSU, you screw everything up.

Yes, the Buckeyes came back and took over the game when it was apparent that Indiana was outclassed and outcoached. I’m not disappointed with the final score & I’m not disappointed in the outcome. College Football needs OSU to be good. However, college football nor the OSU Buckeyes need a homer making excuses for dreadful performances. The Buckeyes National Championship aspirations took a big hit tonight. Urban Meyer knows it, Kevin Wilson knows it, and the players know it. You are officially on the clock now. OSU, you better get your act together quickly or you won’t see the playoffs again for a very long time. You got lucky once, but it won’t happen twice.

As for you Mr. Herbstreit, please spare us all the favoritism this season. Call the game like it should be and leave your personal feelings at the office door. When you go home, you can make all the excuses you want to. Hell, we all do it at home. That is what being a fan is. That is not what being a professional is.

Stephen R

Stephen R

Guide Through The Chaos (College Football)
Stephen R

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