The Geeky Bugle - Issue #2 - Batman v Superman ***SPOILERS*** - Clock Dodgers
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geeky bugle batman v superman

The Geeky Bugle – Issue #2 – Batman v Superman ***SPOILERS***

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Easter eggs, cameos and the future of the DCEU


Whether you loved it or hated it, there is no denying that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was jam packed with easter eggs and cameos designed to make the most hardcore of fan boys wet themselves with excitement. This is going to be a lot to take in, so if this interests you than definitely read the list, if not just scroll down a bit to read news and my thoughts about the future of the DCEU. This should go without saying, but if you haven’t seen Batman V Superman, book mark this Geeky Bugle issue, read my spoiler free review, and go see the damn movie. Well here goes nothing….


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Easter Eggs:

geeky bugle batman


Taken directly from The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller:

  • The armored Bat suit worn during the fight with Superman
  • The dialogue between Batman and KGBeast is directly taken from the comic books
  • The pearls breaking when Martha Wayne is shot
  • Superman being depowered by a nuclear blast (although this happens before the fight with Batman in the comic)
  • Superman being hit in the face with Kryptonite gas in order to depower him
  • Alfred alluding to Bruce Wayne having a drinking problem

geeky bugle clock dodgers supermanTaken from The Death of Superman comic:

  • Doomsday gets stronger and grows more spikes whenever he is injured
  • Doomsday and Superman hitting each other with a mutually fatal blow
  • The Superman symbol on his coffin is reminiscent of the uniform Superman wore after he returns from the dead

Various nods to other Batman and Superman comic book properties:

  • The Injustice storyline is eluded to in the dream sequence in which Superman becomes an evil dictator
  • The Flashpoint Paradox comic also uses this plot device
  • The Death in the Family Batman comic is referenced when we see a presumably dead Robin’s suit incased in glass in the bat cave

References to DC characters:geeky bugle clock dodgers dc

  • Riddler and Joker inspired graffiti in the abandoned docks where Batman lures Superman
  • Major Carey Farress returns from Man of Steel and she is possibly the future partner of the Green Lantern
  • Mercy Graves from Batman: The Animated Series is seen then killed shortly after
  • Jimmy Olsen makes about a 2 minute appearance at the start before he is shot in the head
  • Zod is said to be from Kandor, a Kryptonian city bottled by the villain Brainiac and the origin of Supergirl in some iterations
  • Bruce Wayne’s desert dream sequence we see Darkseid’s Omega symbol as well as his Parademons (the weird steroid taking flies Batman is fighting)
  • A Mother Box is possibly shown during the Cyborg video footage, these are boxes used by the New Gods, one of which Darkseid is
  • Steve Trevor is shown in Wonder Woman’s picture from WW1

geeky bugle clock dodgers justice league


Everyone’s favorite question going into this film was, “which members of the Justice League will make an appearance of cameo, and what role will they play?” Well Zack Snyder made sure to include just about everyone, albeit some in much more prominent roles than others.

Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman was by far the most prominent Justice League member in the film. This makes sense considering she is considered to be a member of DC’s Holy Trinity, also including Batman and Superman. For most of the film she is depicted as her alter ego, Diana Prince, an antiques dealer. Batman doesn’t become suspicious of her true agenda until she steals the device he was using to hack into Lex Luthor’s company mainframe. Turns out she was after a photo taken from WW1, which her solo DC movie is said to take place. She makes her first appearance in costume as Wonder Woman in the films climax, using all of the tools and weapons we’ve some to associate with the character. Her sword and shield are featured prominently; she uses her gauntlets to block a Doomsday heat ray attack, and her lasso to hold Doomsday in place while Superman unleashes his fatal attack.

The Flash:

The Flash is featured in not just one scene, but two! His first appearance is in one of the many weird ass Bruce Wayne dream sequences, in which he appears in a futuristic looking armor telling Bruce “You were right! You have to stop him! Lois Lane is the key.” His second appearance is shown in the Lex Luthor meta-human files, in which he stops an armed gunman at a convenience store with enough speed that you barely see him move, and his kinetic energy makes the camera go hay wire for a moment.


Aquaman is shown in the Lex Luthor meta-human files, having footage taken of him while in an abandoned submarine. After he destroys the closest camera one stationed farther away shows him swimming at supersonic speed.


Cyborg probably makes the shortest appearance of any of the Justice League members. This is again shown in the Luthor meta-human files where we see what is left of his body (not much) strapped to what appears to be a giant computer motherboard. After his father, Silas Stone, appears to be giving up hope that his son will survive, a nearby Mother Box activates. We see the beginning of the box merging with Vic Stone before his father promptly turns off the camera.

Fun Fact:

When Diana is opening Luthor’s meta-human files she opens them in the exact order that the movies are said to be released. Personally, I think DC shouldn’t have been that subtle and simply had her open teaser trailers off of YouTube, but hey, it’s not my movie.

geeky bugle clock dodgers superhero movies

Even with BvS: Dawn of Justice’s obvious flaws, I still carry hope for the DCEU, even though there is still a lot skepticism and trepidation. Suicide Squad looks amazing from the trailers so far and could help with some of the backlash Warner Brothers has gotten from both critics and comic book fans alike. Besides, who doesn’t love a good anti-hero? The Wonder Woman movie is currently filming and shows a lot of promise; I think the WW1 aesthetic will fit her character very well. Justice League has begun principle photography and will begin shooting in less than a month (that’s enough time to replace Zack Snyder right? RIGHT?!) The Flash’s Ezra Miller has thankfully cut off his hipster man-bun and looks a little more like the Barry Allen we know and love. Aquaman has a lot of potential, and director James Wan has already stated that his movie will have a much different tone than BvS, seemingly distancing himself from the negative reviews that movie has garnered. I don’t really know a lot Ray Fisher, but I love the Cyborg character and the movie could be a lot of fun and give young African- American kids a superhero they many be able to relate to more. The best part of BvS was Ben Affleck’s Batman and he is said to be directing and starring in the Dark Knight’s DCEU solo film, rumor has it they may be even adapting the Death in the Family and Under the Hood story arch! They haven’t announced really much of shit about the Green Lantern Corp, but it has to be better than the Ryan Reynolds version. All that being said I want so badly for this universe to be good, but if it isn’t, don’t worry they’ll just reboot everything in ten years.

That’s it for this week on the Geeky Bugle, catch me next week, same Clock Dodger time, same Clock Dodger channel.

Written By: Anthony Reimer – Twitter – @reimeras & @mrmeseeks on the FL App

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