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captain america civil war geeky bugle

The Geeky Bugle – Issue #8 – Captain America: Civil War (Easter Eggs, Cameos & References)

Spoilers Ahead


You’ve been warned, so if you haven’t seen Civil War, bookmark this, go see the damn movie, and then get back to me.


If you read my review for Captain America: Civil War, then you know that I was a huge fan of the film. Before I get into all the fun Easter Eggs, references and shit that the movie was packed with I wanted to go a little more into detail about my favorite parts of the movie.

captain america civil war geeky bugle

First off, new characters! While Spider-Man was somewhat briefly featured in the film, this has the chance to be the best incarnation we have seen yet. He’s finally a teenager, and when he was fighting the other superheroes I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching a Spider-Man comic come to life. I also really liked the explanation for the goggles that his senses are so overloaded he has to use them to be able to focus. I like the fact that we didn’t get biological wed shooters, as that was one of my main complaints about the Sam Raimi films. We also got some bad ass introductions to Black Panther. His full power set seems to be unclear, as he is as fast and strong as Captain America and Winter Soldier, but I think this will be explained more in the solo film. We see that his costume is fully bullet proof, and I think the Vibranium armor and some other form of tech is responsible for his enhanced abilities. Wakanda is supposed to be the most technologically advanced country in the world, so this would make a lot of sense. In all, these two characters introductions into the MCU left me wanting more and I am very excited to see their solo films in the future.

The two major fight sequences in this movie were simply amazing. The giant battle between the two teams is an ideal representation of giving each hero individual screen time, while also not making it seem too cluttered or confusing. This gives me a great deal of hope for Avengers: Infinity War, as the Russo brothers are directing that film, and why they had proven they were very adept at one on one combat, we had never seen them direct action on such a grand scale. I thought they did a great job during this sequence of adding humor, while not taking away from the intensity and stakes of the fight. Also, we got Giant Man! There were many speculations that this would happen, but I was unsure until Ant-Man said “I’m going to try something, I’ve only done this once”.  I loved how when he was giant he didn’t move at the same speed, he seemed to have real weight to him, as you would if you know you were suddenly 50 feet tall. The climactic fight with Iron Man vs. Captain America and Winter Soldier was some of the best hand to hand combat we’ve seen in a Marvel movie. The battle was intense and Robert Downey Jr did a terrific job of conveying Iron Man’s rage toward Winter Soldier for killing his parents and Captain America for not telling him to the point that I actually thought he was going to kill them. Chris Evans was also fantastic in this sequence, showing Captain America’s never give up spirit and his emotional distress over having to fight Tony Stark to protect his friend. I also really enjoyed the bait and switch by the villain. I thought we were going to have the classic trope of our heroes being outnumbered by a group of stronger deadly soldiers, only to find that Zemo had shot them all in their sleep. As a quick aside, Zemo was one of the best villains in a Marvel movie to date. While not accurate to the comics at all, he seemed very strong in his convictions and hatred for the Avengers and believed that he was truly doing the right thing. In too many of the Marvel movies, the villain is a rich normal guy who goes crazy for no reason, and Zemo broke that trend to the point that you could almost sympathize with the character.

Easter Eggs, Cameos and References


            Inspired by the Civil War comic archcaptain america civil war geeky bugle

  • The death of Miriam Sharp’s son, and that being the catalyst for Tony Stark supporting registration
  • Scarlet Witch blowing up Cross Bones and killing innocents could be a nod to Nitro blowing up in the comic next to a school. Both seem to be catalysts for the Sokovia Accords/Registration Act respectively
  • The speech said at Peggy Carter’s funeral by Sharon Carter is the same speech Captain America gives to Spider-Man
  • The Raft, a superhero/villain super prison, doubles as the MCU’s version of Prison 42
  • Iron Man analyses Captain America’s fight pattern to get the upper hand
  • Steve Rodger’s knocks off Iron Man’s helmet before contemplating killing him
  • Spider-Man is unmasked which is a huge part in the comic arch

captain america civil war geeky bugle

            Inspired by other comic books

  • Black Panther Scratches Captain America’s Shield. He’s one of the only characters able to damage the shield as only vibranium is able to pierce vibranium
  • Giant panther statues in Wakanda, and a look at T’Challa’s royal guards the Dora Milaje
  • Everett Ross is introduced as an international liaison played by Martin Freeman
  • 117 countries back the Sokovia Accords, which is the same issue number that introduces Falcon
  • Vision seems to have a bond with Scarlett Witch, a nod to the romantic relationship they shared in the comics
  • Multiple Winter Soldiers appear there has also been a few in the comics
  • Vasily Karpov, who we see interrogated and drowned by Zemo, is the man who found and brainwashed Bucky in the comics
  • Captain America throwing his Shield down could be a nod to when he did the same thing in the comics, becoming Nomad
  • Ant-Man rides one of Hawkeyes arrows, something we have seen many times in the comics
  • Spider-Man’s suit looks a lot like John Romita’s comic book design. We also see a homemade Spider-Man suit that looks like his first suit in Ultimate Spider-Man

captain america civil war geeky bugle

            Nods to the MCU

  • Captain America says the “I could do this all day” line that he has in every Captain America movie
  • Ant-Man’s disliking of Tony Stark is made very apparent just like it was in the Ant-Man viral marketing
  • There were many other nods to the MCU, probably too many to list here, or at least I don’t feel like listing them all

            Obligatory Stan Lee Cameo

  • As has come to be expected with any movie based off of a Marvel comic book property, Stan Lee made a cameo. He appeared as a mail man, mispronouncing Tony Stark as Tony Stank


Now that you’ve seen the movie, what did you think? Did you enjoy it as much as I did or did you think it was total shit? This is the internet, so it has to be one of those two options. Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @reimeras or the Fantasy Life App @mrmeseeks. Come back next week, same Clock Dodger Time, same Clock Dodger Channel.


Written By: Anthony Reimer – Twitter – @reimeras & @mrmeseeks on the FL App


  1. My only complaint is Marvel taking the PG way out and not killing anyone off.

    • All I heard before the movie came out was that a major character was going to die, and then it didn’t happen. Although I know that left some people disappointed, I know my son was happy lol.

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