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Game of Thrones Season 6

Game of Thrones Season 6 Teaser

Ok…this teaser for Game of Thrones Season 6 cannot go in the video section. I mean…yes, it is a video…but it’s not just any video. Game of Thrones is returning for a 6th season on HBO and we are a mere month and some change away!!!

There is so much that has happened up until this point and yet the producers and writers have me sitting on the edge of my throne, err…seat. The short spooky teaser video we have here does not tell us anything and only confuses matters worse. Are the producers trying to tell us something or are they just messing with our heads?

I cannot keep you waiting any longer…here is the teaser video:

Crazy, eerie but cool as hell, right?

It’s about to get even more real this season and I cannot explain how much I have been looking forward to this upcoming season. It hasn’t been easy dodging everyone who has read the books as they discuss what they think will happen. You know the facts on whether Jon Snow lives or dies? Good! Keep it to yourself and stop discussing it at the top of your lungs so I can have some decent level of surprise when I find out for myself.

Game of Thrones Season 6

By the way…be on the lookout for a special Game of Thrones Podcast brought to you by Clock Dodgers coming very soon.

Leave a comment below on how you feel Game of Thrones season 6 will play out…predictions only, no spoilers!


If you are looking for more news/info on Game of Thrones, I highly recommend you check out there OFFICIAL HBO website.

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