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Dynasty Rookie Rankings

Fresh Meat: Dynasty Rookie QB’s & TE’s

Finally the NFL Combine is here. Football never stops, I try to keep telling yall that. While these soon to be rookies get measured in every way possible we are going to continue this journey and look at some Quarterbacks and Tight Ends today. Yes I have put these two positions together for one simple reason: Lack of depth at each position for dynasty purposes. Other articles state this is a loaded Tight end class, well if you call five loaded…then ok. Maybe one or two more guys can spark something with amazing Combine performances but I’m not holding my breath. Quarterbacks are where we are going to start because well that’s where it starts for most teams in the NFL. Dynasty Leagues are different than redraft leagues in that it’s much easier to stream in redrafts. Getting that Top level franchise quarterback for your dynasty team can allow so much more freedom with holding prospect players. Are there any of those type QBs in this draft? We shall see…


Deshaun Watson 6’2” Clemson Tigers

He is going to be drafted as either the first or second QB off the board in both the NFL draft and your rookie draft. Sometimes he throws off his back foot which tends to cause more balls to sail which could prove to be a catalyst for a turnover machine. That being said footwork is easier to fix than pass delivery. Look for good measurables all around at the Combine (other than needing to put on a few pounds, last weighed in at 188 lbs.) This guy has that ability to put it on his shoulders and win some ball games at the next level. Dynasty wise it’s going to take a year or two but this guy will be a piece you will be comfortable rolling out there each week.

DeShone Kizer 6’4” Notre Dame

Can we say prototypical NFL Quarterback size? Big body weight more than 220, has a strong arm to make all the throws and athletic enough to be able to evade some rushers and posted 18 rushing touchdowns over the last two years. Weakness for Kizer is he tends to be more of a one read stare down, which will need work at the next level if he wants to lead a NFL team to success. Best scenario is that he gets drafted by a team like the New York Giants, he can sit behind a Veteran QB that has had success and the system is driven by a Head Coach coming from the Offensive side of the ball. DeShone is my dark horse, that when we look back in 5 years or so from this draft that could have been the biggest steal.  

Mitch Trubisky 6’3” North Carolina

Lots of hype surrounding this guy coming into the Combine. I’m just not sure I get it really. He is big and has a good arm. He was also the top dual-threat Quarterback coming out of high school. Not being able to beat out Marquise Wilson until he left school is something to be concerned with. Another flaw to his transition to the next level is that he is primarily a spread guy operating out of the shotgun almost exclusively. Tell me that last time a “spread” guy really made it work at the next level. I don’t buy the great vision, to me that comes more from being in shotgun formation all the time. Much different to look up at the defensive after taking a snap under center compared to five yards behind the line. He is going to go early in the NFL draft just because of the need for Qbs from those early picking teams. Dynasty rookie draft is a reach before the third round for me and can’t see myself drafting him unless he falls to the fourth round which won’t happen. If you find yourself drafting him…good luck and you were warned. Biggest chance for me to be wrong is this guy, lots of people much smarter and more entwined in scouting like this guy. I would rather take a chance on a sleeper like Patrick Mohomes (Texas Tech) that ran a similar spread style offense in college and give him a few years to develop.


Yes, that is all the QBs for now. Let us hope that someone stands out during the Combine otherwise we might get a run of QBs in both the NFL and Rookie drafts as owners get scared the crop will dry up quickly. Tight ends are next and one handful of them get the 2drink ID check.


Bucky Hodges 6’7” Virginia Tech

Oh, I like this guy and can’t wait to see him open some eyes from his Combine performances. Real name is Temuchin, yeah “Bucky” makes more sense now. Has plenty to work on for the next level but he has only been playing TE for 3 years now, came in as a high school QB so you know this guy has some athletic ability. He is able to track the ball well and has good long speed to get there. Could be top 10 TE in a few years if he can work on ball skills and maybe even grip strength because hands are not the best. Huge red zone target is where he is going to make his money at the next level, move him around and get a small DB on him…it’s over. Blocking definitely needs work but hey most Tight Ends don’t block well anymore.

Jake Butt 6’6” Michigan

First thing you need to know about this guy is that he tore his ACL in the Citrus Bowl just a few months ago. Can’t tell at this point if/when we are going to see this guy actually on the field in the NFL next season. Teams won’t be eager to rush him back but end of the season isn’t necessarily out of the question at this time. Might have been the first Tight End of the board in the NFL draft if not for the injury because he has it all. Very dependable with his hands and likes to work over the middle will make him consistent week in and week out once he’s healthy. Maybe getting ahead of myself a little here but think Greg Olsen, yeah I said it. If you have an open hole on your roster to hold a guy, just found the perfect “Butt” plug (should have waited to use the “yeah I said it” phrase.)

Jordan Legget 6’5” Clemson

Former WR in high school his hands show it. He can high point the ball and find ways to get low enough to pick up those shoe stringers with ease. He needs to find a way to always play like he does in the big games. Maybe it’s going up against elite level talent that brings the best out of him, which would bode well heading into the NFL. He made himself some extra money in the National Championship game against Alabama with a couple of big time receptions during key moments. The worst blocker of the all the tight ends listed in this article and will need a high up-tempo offense to be effective but look for him in the 3rd round and on in dynasty rookie drafts.

OJ Howard 6’6”Alabama

Top Tight end of the board in both the NFL draft and dynasty rookie draft and well deserved. Ability to create space immediately off the line and hard for line backers to stay with him up the seam. Most mocks have him going in the first round. Elite play making ability and immediate impact from the tight end position in his rookie year should not be counted out if the right fit happens. Not a good blocker but teams won’t be drafting him to power run block. Not much else to say other than, best chance of becoming an All Pro of the group, period.

David Njoku 6’4” Miami

Another wide receiver from high school turn TE shows his athleticism with his burst (national boys high jump champion when he was younger) and explosiveness out of breaks creating space with ease. Better blocker than a lot of Tight ends this year will help him climb some boards. Needs to improve his hands with 8 drops over the last two seasons but has the ability to stretch the field down the seam. Look for him to impress scouts at the combine and possibly sneak into the early second round of the NFL draft, he is still pretty raw but freakishly talented sometimes wins out.

Players listed about are in no particular order but wanted to make you aware of some guys that are going to be buzzing soon. Look for more articles to come out soon as the Combine completes, pro days are scheduled and your own rookie drafts are getting closer and closer. As always come find me on twitter: @fl2drinkminimum or more likely on the fantasy life app in the clock dodgers chat: @2drinkminimum and tell me about guys that should have been on this list but weren’t or what you think of some of the players who did make the list. Cheers!

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Felt like your team’s wide receivers should have been mentioned? Come find me and we can discuss. Cheers!

Written by: Jason Soukup – Twitter: FL2drinkminimum or more likely to be found on The Fantasy Life app @2drinkminimum in the Clock Dodgers chat.

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