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Fantasy Football: Week 8 Must Sit

The Week 7 Must Sit article from last week was spot on. All 3 of the Must Sit players performed very poorly, not even serviceable, just as we expected.  If you kept those guys out of your lineup then you made the right decision. With the suggestions made last week our picks were a perfect 3/3.

Week 8 means we are still dealing with bye weeks and also some recent injuries. Regardless, you must do your best to keep guys out of your lineup who have poor match-ups and are not expected to make the most of their opportunities. The players below have had some great weeks this season and have likely contributed to a couple of wins for you this season. However, the Week 8 Must Sit guys need to kindly take a seat on your bench. You are now in the midst of making a strong playoff push and every lineup move matters.

Reminder: With our weekly must sit list we try to stray away from the very obvious selections and give you players you may be on the fence about or you have started a majority of the season.

A Wise Man Once Said: “Always start your studs, don’t get cute late in the season.”


Josh McCown, QB, Browns

Not only is McCown hurt and may not start in Week 8, but he’s throwing against an Arizona defense that just brought it last week to Flacco. McCown usually benefits from the Browns falling behind each game and him getting tons of garbage points. The Cardinals defense is far too aggressive for McCown to take advantage of garbage time in Week 8.


Latavius Murray, RB, Raiders

Murray against a Jets D who allowed Patriot RB’s to do nothing last week & have been doing the same to RB’s all season long. Tom Brady was actually the leading rusher for the Patriots last week against the Jets. All signs point towards Murray riding the pine this week.

UPI/Mark Wallheiser.
UPI/Mark Wallheiser.

James Jones, WR, Packers

As WR’s get healthy (Adams) & Rodgers gets better acquainted with his newer WR’s, Jones will take more of a backseat. Going toe to toe with a Denver defense that has been on fire all season, I don’t see Jones faring well. Denver’s CB’s are very good and I don’t see Jones winning 1 on 1’s with these guys. He will be more TD dependent in Week 8 then he has been all season.
Do you disagree with our list of must-starts? Are we missing a player you feel deserves to be on the list more then the players above? Let us know in the comment section below.

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