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CREDIT: Al Tielemans (Photo by Al Tielemans /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images)

Fantasy Football: Week 7 Waiver Wire

Welcome to the Fantasy Football Week 7 Waiver Wire. Many fantasy GM’s think by Week 7 their is nothing good left on the waiver wire. Well if you are part of that thinking, you are wrong. Throughout the entire season players are constantly proven that they are worth a waiver add/stash. The list this week is filled with different types of waiver adds. Some are stashes for later in the season, others are one week replacements for injuries and bye weeks. Understand that the best teams and typically the teams who win it all are ones who are constantly using the waiver wire to improve their squad. The list below has a player for everyone, whether you are 1-5 or 5-1 you can still improve your team. Survival Tip: Always keep moving.

PlayerReason To Add
Landry Jones, QB, SteelersThis is a temporary add. As soon as Big Ben comes back you will proceed to dropping Jones. Even if it's only for a week against the Chiefs, if your in QB trouble I would pick him up. With A. Brown & M. Bryant at WR and Bell at RB there is not many QB's available with those kind of weapons. If you are dealing with a bye week or injury, give Landry Jones a shot.
James Starks, RB, PackersNot sure exactly whats wrong in GB but something is def. not right. Lacy has been ineffective all season, yet Starks, when giving a shot has been good. To be fair, Lacy apprently has been dealing with an injury but still nothing he has done has instilled confidence in his owners. Starks needs to be added by all Lacy owners and if you don't have Lacy, still add him.
Stefon Diggs, WR, VikingsHe looked great this passed Sunday while filling in for the injured Charles Johnson. Diggs actually looked a lot like what we expected Johnson to look like. Diggs even managed to out perform Wallace in his first start as a rookie. We are not sure what his role will be when Johnson returns, but you have to wonder if Johnson is out for another week, could Diggs steal the #2 WR job for rest of season?
DST: Miami DolphinsThe Miami defense on display in Week 6 looked like the defense we had been expecting all season long. After firing the headcoach and coming off of a bye week, they looked fantastic. They were playing a not very good offense in the Titans, but don't hold that against them. They play the Texans week 7 so we expect they have another chance to prove if they are the Week 6 Dolphins or Week 1-5 Dolphins.
Theo Riddick, RB, LionsBefore the season started the Lions starting RB was expected to be J. Bell. After a couple preseason games everyone crowned Abdullah as the starter due to some amazing runs. Here we are in Week 7 & we are discussing Riddick as the best Lions RB to own. He's been the most productive RB for the Lions as of late & catching balls out of the backfield has helped. Add him.
Ben Watson, TE, SaintsTwo good weeks in a row for Watson so he's worthy of this list. Who knows if he will keep this up but as thin as TE has been this season he's worth a look. Bye weeks are upon us & there are some injured TE's right now so he's def. worth the add. Who knows, maybe he will fill the production left behind by Graham at TE? I doubt it, but he's worth the gamble since somebody does have to catch the ball for the Saints at TE, it might as well be Watson.


As always, feel free to ask any of your Week 7 Waiver Wire questions in the comments below and we will be sure to get to each one. Good luck in Week 7!

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