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fantasy football census rankings

2016 Fantasy Football Top 100 Census Rankings

Forget everything you know about rankings. Everything you believe, forget about it. They’re nothing. They’re one fantasy expert’s opinion. No two ever agree. You can literally find players in the top fifteen on one list and not in the top twenty five on another. Each sites pre-draft rankings are sometimes miles apart and could be influenced by a number of things including the rankers location, employer, or nearby market.

Why do we put so much stock into rankings? No disrespect to the fantasy analyst or their hard work. Let’s be honest, I’ve never given Matthew Berry the credit for any of my championships because of his rankings. I’m also not one to discredit an analyst because he had a sales pitch so great it changed my gut. In the end I go with my opinion no matter how it was created. Last but not least I’m not lucky enough to play in a league with Matthew Berry or Chris Harris. So other than listening to them for advice and picking their brains, why does it matter what they think? This isn’t to take away from the rankings that any fantasy analyst has worked on because as rankings come out they will impact our opinions. We love rankings.

I want to tap the brakes, slow down. I love rankings and we all do that will never change. I would like to take a different view though. I wanted to get to know you. I wanted to know what you all think. I wanted to get to know the nation like I know the guys in the leagues I’ve been in for years. You know there’s always that guy in one of my leagues that remembers that one good Dwayne Bowe season. It doesn’t matter what they hear from Matthew Berry, Chris Harris or any other analyst. It’s not Dwayne Bowe’s fault.

fantasy football census rankings clock dodgers

I had to tweak this formula though and try something a little different. I wanted to know what you all thought as one fantasy football community. These rankings are a prediction of where these players will be drafted. They’re based off Fantasy Life App draft polls and talks in chats. The idea behind my rankings is to set these next to your rankings or your favorite analyst’s rankings. Okay, think of it like this. It doesn’t matter what you think, you already know that. I’m trying to give you an idea of what everyone thinks. It’s obviously not fool proof but it gives us another view.

I’ve tried my hardest to capture different audiences by taking polls at random times throughout the day. That may have been the hardest feat, as anyone who has been on FLA knows, we all seem to have some pretty messed up sleep and work schedules. The FLA app also has another major advantage in that people from all markets can vote on polls. This helps prevent a single person’s bias toward their favorite team from potentially clouding the rankings. If you use it on a national FF draft level, it takes into account those big and or small market cities. One of the first things I do when I see a relationship building on FLA is try and find out what market they’re from just in case we meet again. I want to know a few things about them; favorite player, maybe a favorite position they shoot for in a draft. Maybe how they value different positions. To be fair, I level the playing field and give the same information if asked. I’m saying in fantasy football I start playing you the moment we meet. These rankings if used correctly could let us all get to know each other a little better a little faster.

So these rankings aren’t made to try and have you change your mind. They’re meant to give some insight into how fantasy GM’s may be valuing a certain player. Whether you can wait on a player or need to take a risk and dive early because they probably won’t make it where they are projected. The bigger the league, the more wide spread over the nation, the more useful this tool may be. In the end it is just another list of players another opinion. An opinion put together by 100’s of people like you and I.

Updated 9/4/16


Overall RankPlayerTeam
1Antonio Brown WR1Steelers
2Odell beckham JR WR2Giants
3Julio Jones WR3 Falcons
4Todd Gurley RB1Rams
5Deandre Hopkins WR4Texans
6Adrian Peterson RB2Vikings
7David Johnson RB3Cardinals
8Rob Gronkowski TE1Patriots
9Allen Robinson WR5Jaguars
10Jamaal Charles RB4Chiefs
11AJ Green WR6Bengals
12Le'Veon Bell RB5Steelers
13Dez Bryant WR7Cowboys
14Keenan Allen WR8Chargers
15Jordy Nelson WR9Packers
16Lamar Miller RB6 Texans
17Ezekiel Elliott RB7Cowboys
18Brandon Marshall WR10Jets
19Amari Cooper WR11 Raiders
20Doug Martin RB8Bucs
21Mark Ingram RB9Saints
22Mike Evans WR12 Bucs
23Alshon Jeffery WR13Bears
24Aaron Rodgers QB1Packers
25Devonta Freeman RB10Falcons
26Eddie Lacy RB11Packers
27Sammy Watkins WR14Bills
28Thomas Rawls RB 12Seahawks
29Kelvin Benjamin WR15Panthers
30Jarvis Landry WR16Dolphins
31Andrew Luck QB2Colts
32Demaryius Thomas WR17Broncos
33Julian Edelman WR18Patriots
34Brandin Cooks WR19Saints
35LeSean McCoy RB13Bills
36Latavius Murray RB14Raiders
37Cam Newton QB3Panthers
38Matt Forte RB15Jets
39Jordan Reed TE2Redskins
40T.Y. Hilton WR20Colts
41Randal Cobb WR21Packers
42Carlos Hyde RB1649ers
43Golden Tate WR22Lions
44Russell Wilson QB4Seahawks
45Jeremy Maclin WR23Chiefs
46Eric Decker WR24Jets
47Greg Olsen TE3Panthers
48Jonathan Stewart RB 17Panthers
49Emmanuel Sanders WR25Broncos
50Ben Rothlisberger QB5Steelers
51C.J. Anderson RB18Broncos
52Doug Baldwin WR26Seahawks
53Michael Floyd WR27Cardinals
54Demarco Murray RB19Titans
55Larry Fitzgerald WR28Cardinals
56Devonte Parker WR29Dolphins
57Donte Moncrief WR30Colts
58Jeremy Hill RB20Bengals
59Jordan Matthews WR31Eagles
60John Brown WR32Cardinals
61Delanie Walker TE5Titans
62Tom Brady QB6Patriots
63Josh Gordon WR33Browns
64Matt Jones RB21Redskins
65Michael Crabtree WR34Raiders
66Ryan Mathews RB22Eagles
67Melvin Gordon RB23Chargers
68Allen Hurns WR35Jaguars
69Travis Kelce TE6Chiefs
70Chris Ivory RB24Jaguars
71Derrick Henry RB25Titans
72TJ Yeldon RB26Jaguars
73Duke Johnson RB27Browns
74Jeremy Langdord RB28Bears
75Ameer Abdullah RB29Lions
76Frank Gore RB30Colts
77Carson Palmer QB7Cardinals
78Drew Brees QB8Saints
79Kevin White WR36Bears
80Arian Foster RB31Dolphins
81Coby Fleener TE7Saints
82Marvin Jones WR37Lions
83Phillip Rivers QB9Chargers
84Tyler Lockett WR38Seahawks
85Jay Ajayi RB32Dolphins
86Blake Bortles QB10Jaguars
87Zach Ertz TE8Eagles
88Devin Funchess WR 39Panthers
89Travis Benjamin WR40Chargers
90Gary Barnidge TE9Browns
91Michael Thomas WR41Saints
92Danny woodhead RB33Chargers
93Derek Carr QB11Raiders
94Eli Manning QB12Giants
95Giovanni Bernard RB34Bengals
96Sterling Shepard WR42Giants
97Corey Coleman WR43Browns
98Julius Thomas TE10Jaguars
99Tyler Boyd WR44Bengals
100Laquon Treadwell WR45Vikings
101Desean Jackson WR46Redskins
102Dorial Green Beckham WR47Eagles
103Stephon Diggs WR48Vikings
104Justin Forsett RB35FA
105Kenneth Dixon RB36Ravens
106Tevin Coleman RB37Falcons
107Willie Snead WR49Saints
108Matt Stafford QB13Lions
109Torrey Smith WR5049ers
110James Winston QB14Bucs
111Tavon Austin WR51Rams
112Charles Sims RB38Bucs
113Rashad Jennings RB39Giants
114Tyler Eifert TE11Bengals
115Dion Lewis RB40Patriots


Written By: Shane Swager (@swagzilla on the Fantasy Life App)
*Thank you to all who contributed by voting on the polls on the FL App!
Leave a comment below if you agree or disagree with the Top 100 Census Rankings. We’d love to chat with you about them!

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