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Fantasy Football Stock Market

We are only entering week 3 of the NFL season but already many preseason predictions are being shaken up. Like stocks, NFL players values tend to fluctuate throughout the season, especially early on. So here is a list of players who’s stock has either jumped up, fell down and some you just need to be more patient with. Besides, its a long season and panicking now could surely spell disaster. Nobody wants to fall too far behind in the first 5 weeks of the season, so make calculated moves, don’t panic and make the best decision for your team. Remember, stocks sometimes fall and rise back to good value, don’t abandon ship every time at the first sign of trouble. Some players on the list are good bye week/injury stashes and others are studs, both have value depending on what the rest of your roster looks like. Check out the Fantasy Football Stock Market list below and find out who you are wasting roster space on and who deserves a little more time on your bench before you go all crazy and trade them.



  1. Jordan Reed, TE, WASH – He’s always had the ability but never stayed healthy, so far, so good. If you have him on your team you don’t need to be reminded that he has paid off well. Don’t buy into the hype of Jackson’s pending return hurting Reed, I believe it helps take coverage off of Reed and get him open more.
  2. Allen Robinson, WR, JAC – Week 1 was tough, but it was against an underrated Carolina secondary who caused fits for the Jaguars. Robinson showed in week 2 was he is fully capable of doing the rest of the season. Don’t expect 150+ yards and 2 TD’s every week, but trust that Robinson didn’t empty the tank in week 2.
  3. David Johnson, RB, ARI – The biggest problem facing Johnson is the amount of RB’s he has to share the ball with in this offense. In just the first two weeks of the season we have witnessed the play-making abilities of Johnson. Any given play Johnson can take the ball 60 yards in the flash of an eye, if only his head coach would give him the reigns. Enthusiasm will remain tied to his opportunities, which can only be restricted for so long.
  4. Brandon Marshall, WR, NYJ – Let’s think about this for a second…why is Marshall even on this list? He shouldn’t be…but the way people drafted he has to be placed on this list. I guess the thought of a Jet’s QB making throws to Marshall wasn’t very enticing and I get it, but Marshall has proved otherwise since joining the them. Marshall is good and has always been good, even when Cutler was his QB. Personally, Cutler isn’t much more talented than the arms being used in NY. Marshall is great, allow him to flourish on your roster.



  1. Alfred Morris, RB, WASH – I hate to say this as I’m a big fan of Morris as a player and as a person, but he’s in a bad spot right now. HC Jay Gruden seems to be a Matt Jones fan (who can blame him?) and you almost get the vibe that Morris is being phased out. Might not be long before Morris is spending some more time next to Griffin on the bench. I don’t think Jones takes all of his carries but he def. hurts his value.
  2. Andre Johnson, WR, IND – What a disappointment this has turned into. Some may say ride this season out with Johnson and see how he pans out but if you’ve watched him play, he’s looked legit bad. Everyone roots for him as he’s always been a fan favorite and extremely talented but Johnson is starting to look his age. It’s possible he turns it around later this season but count me out as one of the ones waiting around to find it out.
  3. Jimmy Graham, TE, SEA – It’s super early in the relationship between Graham and the Seahawks but I hate what I have seen. He has been hardly targeted the first two weeks and has done nothing of note. From the outside looking in, this seems like a dream connection, up until the time of me writing this article, its been a nightmare. If I am a Graham owner, I’m selling now while I still have a chance and replacing him with someone slightly more involved in his teams offense.
  4. Alshon Jeffery, WR, CHI – Injuries & Jay Cutler, two major ingredients when putting together the perfect recipe for disaster. Jeffery was primed for a big season with Marshall moving on and Jeffery becoming the focal point of the offense. With our very small sample size Jeffery has proved to be a stock you need to dump now before you lose complete value from your investment.



  1. A.J. Green, WR, CIN – The first two weeks of the season haven’t been your typical and expected A.J. Green like performances. His numbers wouldn’t even be considered terrible if the name next to them weren’t A.J. Green. Dalton has looked better and Green will have plenty of chances to have the big games that we are used to. Ride this one out and A.J. will be fine.
  2. Frank Gore, RB, IND – Many have given up on Gore and its only week 2 of the NFL season. Gore was good last season and didn’t become old over night. It’s a new offense and they had a rough two weeks, the schedule gets better moving forward so brighter times are ahead. Hold on, it’ll be worth it.
  3. Lamar Miller, RB, MIA – Another guy who everyone thought would have a breakout season, instead, it’s been a tough two weeks for Miller owners. I still think he’s the most talented RB the Dolphins have and he has no other choice but to get better. This offense isn’t terrible so there is an opportunity for Miller to still come up big. I still believe, you should too.
  4. T.Y. Hilton, WR, IND – Two Colts players are on my be patient list for a reason. They belong to a very good offense that is currently under performing which will only get better as the season moves along. No matter what stat you throw at me you cannot convince me that this offense’s best days aren’t ahead. Hilton has also been dealing with the injury bug so when that clears up it should also help Hilton’s case.


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