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Draft Kings: Week 5 – Lineups We Like

Did you win big last week? Did you win enough to at least break even? As long as you didn’t go broke, their is a light at the end of the tunnel and you live to play in Week 5. Some of our rosters from last week didn’t go great, others should have won you some cash, but not the major green backs we are looking for. This might be the week, so lets check out the lineups we like and you can play one of them or all of them.

The plan remains the same as every week, WIN MONEY! Below are the lineups we like the most in Draft Kings.


Draft Kings: Lineup #1

QB: Eli Manning$6,800
RB: Le'Veon Bell$8,500
RB: Dion Lewis$4,800
WR: Odell Beckham Jr.$9,000
WR: Allen Robinson$5,500
WR: Kamar Aiken$3,800
TE: Owen Daniels$2,700
FLX: Justin Forsett$5,800
DEF: Bengals$2,800

Draft Kings: Lineup #2

QB: Carson Palmer$6,600
RB: Duke Johnson Jr.$4,600
RB: Dion Lewis$4,800
WR: Larry Fitzgerald$6,800
WR: Jeremy Maclin$6,000
WR: Julian Edelman$7,000
TE: Delanie Walker$3,800
FLX: Rob Gronkowski$7,500
DEF: Chiefs$2,800

Draft Kings: Lineup #3

QB: Sam Bradford$6,000
RB: Boobie Dixon$3,000
RB: Chris Thompson$3,300
WR: Julio Jones$9,200
WR: Odell Beckham Jr. $9,000
WR: Demaryius Thomas$8,100
TE: Owen Daniels$2,700
FLX: Justin Forsett$5,800
DEF: Giants$2,900


Quick Notes:

  • TE – Owen Daniels is on every one of my lineups. Like I mentioned last week, the Raiders are being carved up by TE’s on a weekly basis and at this point nothing can stop the bleeding. Bennett last week continued the trend and theirs no reason to believe that Manning wont rely on Daniels to do the same.
  • DEF – Seahawks have the most expensive defense this week but it’s actually their opponents defense that you want in week 5. Wilson is getting sacked a ton and the offense just doesn’t look as fluid as last season.
  • As I have done in previous weeks, each lineup has a different strategy applied. Lineup #1 is the safest of the three, lineups #2 and #3 I am trying some different strategies out and if they work out I will further explain my logic behind them.

As always, good luck this week and if you win using one of the lineups above…always remember…Clock Dodgers welcomes all donations.

Do you have a lineup that you want to suggest or have a question for Week 4 Daily Fantasy Football? Please let us know in the comments below.

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