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Draft Kings: Week 4 – Lineups We Like

I love myself some Draft Kings and if you haven’t tried it yet, you are really missing out. Seriously, if you aren’t already a part of the craze than what exactly are you waiting for? It’s super simple, go to Draft Kings and register. After you create an account you literally are set to start playing and winning money. You can play ANY sport you want from the NFL (my favorite of course), MLB, NBA, MMA and many others. I’m not describing what Draft Kings is because I think you don’t know, I just want you to remind all your friends about how fun it is to play daily fantasy sports and win money at the same time!

Below are a few lineups that I feel good about this week and I will be using them myself in Draft Kings.

Low Salary QB Lineup:

QB: Derek Carr, Raiders – $5,300
RB: L. Bell, Steelers – $7,700
RB: F. Gore, Colts – $4,700
WR: R. Cobb, Packers – $7,400
WR: B. Marshall, Jets – $6,800
WR: D. Moncrief, Colts – $5,000
TE: M. Bennett, Bears – $4,500
FLEX: M. Crabtree, Raiders – $4,600
DEF: Denver Broncos – $3,300


Trusting the Ginger QB Lineup:

QB: A. Dalton, Bengals – $5,900
RB: J. Charles, Chiefs – $7,600
RB: L. Murray, Raiders – $6,300
WR: A.J. Green, Bengals – $7,600
WR: A. Cooper, Raiders – $6,300
WR: D. Moncrief, Colts – $5,000
TE: M. Bennett, Bears – $4,500
FLEX: K. Williams, Bills – $3,400
DEF: Philadelphia Eagles – $2,700


QB/WR – RB/WR Stack Lineup:

QB: A. Rodgers, Packers – $7,900
RB: J. Charles, Chiefs – $7,600
RB: F. Gore, Colts – $4,700
WR: R. Cobb, Packers – $7,400
WR: D. Moncrief, Colts – $5,000
WR: S. Johnson, Chargers – $4,400
TE: M. Bennett, Bears – $4,500
FLEX: D. Woodhead, Chargers – $4,600
DEF: Arizona Cardinals – $3,400


Quick Notes:

  • TE – M. Bennett is on ALL of my lineups. The Raiders have been sliced up by TE’s week after week and there is no reason at all for this trend to stop. Expect for Bennett to have his first big game of the season and be worth every penny of his salary this week.
  • WR – D. Moncrief is on ALL of my lineups as well and for good reason. He has basically taken the #2 WR spot on Indy’s depth chart from Andre Johnson’s hands and has produced on a weekly basis. The price is perfect for him on Draft Kings this week.
  • Each lineup has a different strategy applied. The first lineup is to try a low salary QB and spend the big bucks everywhere else. The 2nd lineup is to try the red-hot Ginger and stack him with his WR. The last lineup is another QB/WR stack but also stacking a RB/WR in an offense that I expect to have a big game.
Do you have a lineup that you want to suggest or have a question for Week 4 Daily Fantasy Football? Please let us know in the comments below.


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