Compass Report - AFC North - Clock Dodgers
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clock dodgers compass report

Compass Report – AFC North

The Compass Report – AFC North

Written By: Rob Schwarz, Jr. (@chiruxin on Fantasy Life App)

clock dodgers compass report

Glad to see you could dodge the clock and join me as we get ready for the upcoming fantasy football season. The Compass Report is the first of an eight-part series where I will break down each division and look deeper into which direction each team is going.

Whether you are new to fantasy football or a seasoned veteran, anyone who follows the NFL knows many changes happen in the offseason. Coaches get fired, players change teams and this year we lost two of the better fantasy football stars to retirement. Well maybe – give us an answer already! Yes, I am talking to you Marshawn Lynch! (You know he reads these articles, right?)

Now, grab your water or coffee, put your seat back and your tray table in the downward position and follow along with me as we travel from team to team and look at who may be fantasy relevant in 2016. First up, the AFC North.

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