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Clock Dodgers Podcast – Episode #30 – Time For A Change

Neal is joined by guest Jason in a conversation not everyone can handle. If you are the sensitive type when it comes to discussing tragedies, race, religion, politics, etc., then stay away from this episode. If you are comfortable with a convo about topics that impact our daily lives, you couldn’t have found a better place. Neal & Jason not only discuss the latest hot button issues like the possibility of having a Donald Trump President or our first female president. Still they also squeeze in a much needed round of “Foul or No Foul“. Clock Dodgers sends their condolences to the families of those who have passed away tragically from a hate crime. As always, be kind, be great, keep dodging!

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After listening to the show, let us know in the comments below your opinions on the topics we covered, give us questions/topics you want to hear discussed for next weeks episode and we want to hear your take on this weeks round of “Foul or No Foul!

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