Clock Dodgers Podcast - Episode #17 - We The North - Clock Dodgers
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Billy Corben Clock Dodgers

Clock Dodgers Podcast – Episode #17 – We The North

When you think of Canada you think about a ton of great things like good sports teams, funny comedians, talented musicians, and 30 year old high school basketball players…wait, what?!? On our first ever international episode we visit our friend Jay (@1littleindian) in the North, to discuss the NBA Playoffs, the science of making trades in fantasy sports, and even the latest border control bust in Canada! Not only that, but we play an amazing round of Foul or No Foul, where in another Clock Dodgers Podcast first, the tables are turned on our host Neal. Whether you are a fan of free health care and Drake or not, this is not an episode you’ll want to miss!

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After listening to the show, let us know in the comments below your opinions on the topics we covered, give us questions/topics you want to hear discussed for next weeks episode and we want to hear your answers to this weeks edition of Foul or No Foul!

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