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census rb rankings

Fantasy Football Census RB Rankings: Top 50 RB PPR (Updated 8/12)

Census RB Rankings (PPR) and for the first time I’ve added my personal PPR running back ranks as well. I hope you enjoy both sides of the rankings.  

The 35th RB was the best I could do at making the 31 year old Danny Woodhead a man so I changed his name to Daniel to compensate.

If you’re new to my Census rankings I’ll attempt to explain. The Census rankings aren’t your typical Fantasy Football rankings. They’re actually made up of data compiled from all over the nation, globe and industry. Not any given area or “skill set” they’re the opinion of the masses. As I’ve tried to convey in the past they should be used as a tool or guide. They’re not the opinion of one said analyst. As soon as you vote on one poll you’re a part of the Census rankings. Yes you’re an opinion too, because let’s face it that’s really all any one analyst is.  

The Census rankings should be used as a gauge to where a certain player could be drafted. They’re not the lone opinion of myself or anyone person. I personally believe some of these players are too low or too high.

I truly believe that after one soft year we’re too low on Gurley, to be behind Jordan Howard seems offensive. Anyone who knows me could probably assume I don’t agree with the Gurley ranking here. It’s not so much him being the 8th ranked RB that catches my eyes but Howard higher than Gurley feels disrespectful. Short and sweet Todd Gurley is the superior talent here, McVay should look early and often to get his star RB the ball. Finishing around RB16 in most formats last year there’s no room for regression. Look for Gurley to be closer to the rookie of the year you remember him to be.

I do feel we can get more values at RB this year than usual due to the much hyped rookie RB class. This year I’m not only seeing the pass catching PPR back fall but also some guys who still have a decent role in the offense. Starting RBs like Matt Forte or Frank Gore for next to nothing. Even a RB like Rob Kelley is falling in the wake of Samaje Perine. It’s said that Perine isn’t catching on as fast as the industry hyped him. I personally feel he’s the long term RB to own. Kelley put in an impressive rookie campaign and is still said to be the starter. How long or short that leash is will be unknown to us. Kelley is a bargain in my opinion, I believe in redraft he should be above Perine and maybe even dynasty. Again lots of bargains this year.

In this update you can also see that the views of the Washington backfield has changed a little.

I would love to talk with any of you about your thoughts on this years rankings. If you haven’t gotten involved find our polls for the Census ranking on the Fantasy Life App.


Census Rankings   Swagzilla’s Rankings
Rank Player Rank Player
1 Le’Veon Bell 1 David Johnson
2 Davis Johnson 2 Le’Veon Bell
3 Ezekiel Elliott 3 Ezekiel Elliott
4 LeSean McCoy 4 Melvin Gordon
5 Devonta Freeman 5 Todd Gurley
6 Melvin Gordon 6 LeSean McCoy
7 Jordan Howard 7 Leonard Fournette
8 Todd Gurley 8 Devonta Freeman
9 Lamar Miller 9 Joe Mixon
10 Demarco Murray 10 Dalvin Cook
11 Jay Ajayi 11 Jay Ajayi
12 Leonard Fournette 12 Marshawn Lynch
13 Christian McCaffrey 13 Demarco Murray
14 Marshawn Lynch 14 Christian McCaffrey
15 Joe Mixon 15 Ameer Abdullah
16 Isaiah Crowell 16 Lamar Miller
17 Ty Montgomery 17 Isaiah Crowell
18 Tevin Coleman 18 Jordan Howard
19 Ameer Abdullah 19 Eddie Lacy
20 Dalvin Cook 20 Ty Montgomery
21 Eddie Lacy 21 Derrick Henry
22 Carlos Hyde 22 Mark Ingram
23 Spencer Ware 23 Mike Gillislee
24 Adrian Peterson 24 Paul Perkins
25 Derek Henry 25 Carlos Hyde
26 CJ Anderson 26 Rob Kelley
27 Mark Ingram 27 Tevin Coleman
28 Bilal Powell 28 CJ Anderson
29 Mike Gillislee 29 Samaje Perine
30 LeGarrette Blount 30 Kareem Hunt
31 Frank Gore 31 Frank Gore
32 Kareem Hunt 32 Spencer Ware
33 Paul Perkins 33 Giovani Bernard
34 Rob Kelley 34 Theo Riddick
35 Samaje Perine 35 Daniel Woodhead
36 Doug Martin 36 Alvin Kamara
37 Daniel Woodhead 37 CJ Prosise
38 Theo Riddick 38 Terrance West
39 CJ Prosise 39 Jaquizz Rodgers
40 Matt Forte 40 Jonathan Stewart
41 Jonathan Stewart 41 Duke Johnson
42 Latavius Murray 42 LeGarrette Blount
43 Duke Johnson 43 Bilal Powell
44 James White 44 Matt Forte
45 Terrance West 45 James White
46 Joe Williams 46 Joe Williams
47 Jamaal Williams 47 Jamaal Charles
48 Thomas Rawls 48 Adrian Peterson
49 Giovani Bernard 49 Thomas Rawls
50 Alvin Kamara 50 Chris Thompson

Shane Swager

Shane Swager

Creator of the Census Rankings

Find me on the Fantasy Life App @swagzilla

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