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fantasy football census rankings

Census Rankings: Top 50+ Overall

A quick glance at the Census Rankings Top 50 Overall brought to you by @swagzilla and the Fantasy Life App. These will be expanded on more in depth as well as updated on a weekly basis. Updates will be completed more often as the season approaches. For more insight into our Census Rankings go check out @swagzilla on the Clock Dodgers Podcast where the guys explain & breakdown the rankings on the pod.

1. Leveon Bell RB1
2. David Johnson RB2
3. Zeke Elliott RB3
4. Antonio Brown WR1
5. Julio Jones WR2
6. Mike Evans WR3
7. OBJ WR4
8. AJ Green WR5
9. LeSean McCoy RB4
10. Jordan Howard RB5
11. Devonta Freeman RB6
12. Melvin Gordon RB7
13. Jordy Nelson WR6
14. Jay Ajayi RB8
15. TY Hilton WR8
16. Todd Gurley RB9
17. Dez Bryant WR9
18. Lamar Miller RB10
19. DeMarco Murray RB11
20. Michael Thomas WR10
21. Amari Cooper WR11
22. Aaron Rodgers QB1
23. Keenan Allen WR12
24. Carlos Hyde RB12
25. Brandin Cooks WR13
26. Rob Gronkowski TE1
27. Allen Robinson WR14
28. DeAndre Hopkins WR15
29. Travis Kelce TE2
30. Sammy Watkins WR16
31. Tom Brady QB2
32. Alshon Jeffery WR17
33. Doug Baldwin WR18
34. Demaryius Thomas WR19
35. Mark Ingram RB13
36. Jarvis Landry WR20
37. Terrelle Pryor WR21
38. Devante Adams WR22
39. Donte Moncrief WR23
40. Spencer Ware RB14
41. Julian Edelman WR24
42. Jamison Crowder WR25
43. Michael Crabtree WR26
44. Jordan Reed TE3
45. Isaiah Crowell RB15
46. Kelvin Benjamin WR27
47. Greg Olsen TE4
48. Brandon Marshall WR28
49. Tyler Eifert TE5
50. Gold Tate WR29
51. Larry Fitzgerald WR30
52. Jimmy Graham TE6


  1. Brad Christiansen

    I think the rankings are quite spot on, really appreciate the time these guys take doing the grunt work for all of us so our draft will go smooth!

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