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Game of Thrones Producers Apologize for Hodor

game of thrones producers

If you watch Game of Thrones, which I assume you do since you clicked on this page, then you have to watch this video of Game of Thrones Producers apologizing to the GoT faithful. I promise you will find this hilarious just like I did. Not only can these guys ...

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Drake’s Beef – SNL

Drake's Beef - SNL

Drake was the guest on Saturday Night Live and he did a pretty decent job. Some skits were funny (Drake’s Beef – SNL), while others just weren’t that good (Black Jeopardy). The video below was one of his best skits of the night. They created this skit because of Drake’s ...

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Marvel – Doctor Strange – Movie Trailer

Marvel - Doctor Strange Clock Dodgers

The Doctor Strange trailer dropped and it’s about to introduce an entirely different element to the MCU: Magic ____________________ – We get shots of Doctor Strange’s origin. It’s a lot like Iron Man’s they’re both cocky charismatic genius assholes until a situation humbled them. Well, maybe not Iron man, he’s ...

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Best Soccer Move Ever

Best Move Soccer Ever

Soccer fans MUST watch the best soccer move ever!!!   OK…it was a joke. A well produced joke by Scott Sterling and the great people over at Studio C. If you liked that video (if you didn’t, you need to stop reading this and go find your sense of humor), ...

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Naked & Afraid – Celebrity Edition – SNL

Naked & Afraid - Celebrity Edition - SNL

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Of course you are. Do you like to laugh? Of course you do. Do you watch Naked & Afraid and constantly say out loud “Man I can do this, it ain’t nothing!” ….not me, but that’s besides the point. Just relax and watch ...

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Erick Silva Learns A Quick Lesson In Karma

Erick Silva learns

Welcome students, my name is Karma and I will be your teacher for today. I will be doing a roll call before we get started with today’s lesson. “Erick Silva” “Here!” “Nordine Taleb” “Here!” Great, everyone is here. Let’s get started. __________________________________ Lesson 1: CLASS DISMISSED. And yes it’s true ...

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Joe Rogan – Be The Hero of Your Own Movie

Joe Rogan - Be The Hero of Your Own Movie

Just a quick reminder from Joe Rogan and ONNIT…he nailed it with this one. Short, Precise, Accurate. And don’t forget to check out Joe Rogan’s OFFICIAL website, podcast, and comedy shows! JOE ROGAN – BE THE HERO OF YOUR OWN MOVIE   “WE DEFINE OURSELVES FAR TO OFTEN, BY OUR ...

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