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Game of Thrones – Season 7 Trailer

game of thrones season 7

We miss Game of Thrones so much that any slight signal that it’s even close to returning gets us excited! HBO & GoT Producers give us a small teaser for Season 7 which tells us nothing at all but we see John Snow so get excited!!!  

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Westworld Trailer (HBO)

Westworld Trailer

If you haven’t started watching the new HBO series Westworld yet then you are def. missing out on one hell of a show. You aren’t too far behind if you want to start now, but if you are reading this at a much later date then when it’s being posted ...

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Logic – Bobby Tarantino

Logic - Bobby Tarantino

I prefer to let music speak for itself…check out “Slave II” by Logic. If you rock with this song then go check out the rest of his latest album “Bobby Tarantino“. #SupportRealArtist _________________________

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Planet discovered with three suns!

planet three suns

Here in Florida it’s SUPER hot, like your leather car seats will burn your ass type of hot. All this heat with just one sun, imagine having THREE! Yup, that’s no typo, scientist have just discovered a shiny new planet within a triple-star system. Shiny…see what I did there? __________________

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Navy SEALS Parachute Jump Into Football Stadium

navy seals parachute jump

Clock Dodgers have nothing but LOVE for our military personnel from all departments of the US Military. Awesome to see these guys using the skills they have acquired to do something cool like this for everyone to see. Navy SEALS parachute jump into a football stadium? SERIOUSLY? Very cool!!! Clock ...

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