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The Eddie Lacy Secret To Weight Loss

Eddie Lacy weight loss

NFL fans, Green Bay Packer fans, and fantasy football fans…enough is enough. Everyone has piled on Eddie Lacy for his new look this past season (he was overweight), even his head coach Mike McCarthy said so himself. “Eddie’s got a lot of work to do” “I’m stating the obvious. His ...

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Bacon = Cigarettes? Not So Fast…

At this point I am pretty sure everyone has seen or heard about the recent Bacon / processed meat scare brought to us by WHO (the World Health Organization). If you missed it, there report (found here: WHO Article) mentions scientifically backed evidence proves that eating bacon and other processed ...

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Hodge Twins – Supplements Worth Your Money?

Some call it bro-science…some say they don’t know what they are talking about at all. I say the Hodge Twins are geniuses & funny as hell, so screw your opinion. On this video they talk about supplements and whether they feel they are worth the $$$. It’s just advice, so ...

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Elliott Hulse – Going The Distance

Elliot Hulse dropping the facts! We all need motivation when it comes to eating right, working out, or just becoming a stronger you. Nobody inspires & motivates better than this man and his videos. Let Elliott help you go the distance and watch more of his videos on his official ...

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Krill Oil or Fish Oil?

Other than multi-vitamins, the only other supplement I have ever stood by without falter would be fish oil. I know their are many doubters out there who do not believe in the use of any supplements in any way, shape or form. I get it, and if that works for ...

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Saunas: Hot Topic

Within the last year or two, many studies have come out in support of sauna’s and the health benefits they bring with regular use. Anyone who goes to a gym that has a sauna or that have access to a sauna anywhere else, know how great they feel. After a ...

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Disney Fit

disney fit

You ready for the latest weight loss craze? The workout everyone has been talking about? Do you want to see immediate results in a matter of days? Well, you came to the right place!   Ok…it’s not that serious. But I did recently go on a family trip to Disney ...

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Brain Games…Do They Help?

brain games

We all hear the hype right now around games that are supposed to help your brain function. The market for this idea is so out of control that you can even download smartphone apps to give your brain a light workout everyday if you’d like. Not only free apps, but ...

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