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broncos win superbowl 50

Broncos win Super Bowl 50

The NFL season has come to another fantastic finish and this time the Denver Broncos hoist the Lombardi Trophy. This is not just a piece of the Broncos win of Super Bowl 50, but also the story of a QB who is a great winner, yet a bad loser.

If you are a Bronco fan, congrats! What a season for the Broncos, filled with ups and downs at the QB position, yet Manning settled back in at QB to add another Super Bowl victory to his long list of accomplishments. The world expected Peyton to announce that he would retire after winning his 2nd Super Bowl but he decided to make us all wait a little longer. However, if we are being honest with ourselves, everyone knows that Manning played a historically bad game, which makes his looming retirement decision all that much more obvious. Please Manning, as a fan, I love what you have brought to the game. You’ve put on a show for us, and it’s time to call it a career, a Hall of Fame career at that.

Peyton Manning Super Bowl 50

They say defense wins championships, and Super Bowl 50 supplied all the facts to back that statement. The Broncos defense has been on fire since the first game of the season, and they were nothing short of stellar in this game. Understand that the Broncos defense made the Panthers offense look silly. Cam Newton was on the floor from the constant wave of Denver defenders who teed off on him every time the ball was snapped. He was unable to get comfortable in the pocket and they rattled his psyche. If Denver can keep this defense together they are bound to keep wreaking havoc in the NFL for years. With Von Miller wanting a fat contract this upcoming season, and guys like Ware getting up there in years, this may have been a one season wrecking ball. Von Miller deserves that money, pay him Denver.

Cam Newton…the topic of discussion. Whether he wins or loses, Cam is always a trending subject to discuss. He’s a young QB with loads of talent and loads of charisma to match it. He dabs, he hands TD footballs to kids, he smiles all game long, he is having fun in a sport that he dominates. But we’ve also seen the ugly side of Cam’s personality. During the Super Bowl he was seen falling to the ground and whining, like a 3 year old would when having a temper tantrum. I love Cam Newton’s game and the way he plays. I enjoy the energy he brings and the dabbing and his interaction with the fans. I don’t love the sore loser side of Cam. When asked about his antics after the Super Bowl of walking away from the podium during a post-game interview, he admitted to being a sore loser, and said if you aren’t a sore loser, then you are just a loser. I get it, I really do Cam. You love the game and you love winning, but you HATE to lose. I also know you were feet away from a Denver CB Chris Harris post-game interview where he was ragging on your team. I will say this though…my kids play sports, and they watch you play the game at a high level. Although I respect your stance on losing and being a sore loser, I would never want to see my kids display that attitude when they are in a losing game or after a heartbreaking loss.

Cam Newton Sore Loser
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Losing is such an important part of sports, rather, in life in general. Losing teaches you so much and it’s important that we all learn how to lose. We can’t throw temper tantrums or walk away from adversity. So the heat that Cam is catching right now from the media is deserving in that regard. If you are going to hate the man for his faults, you must also appreciate his positives. Sure Cam has some growing to do, we all do. Do not let the negative attitude he displays after a loss blind you from all the great stuff he did on his ride to the Super Bowl. He’s super talented, great to the fans, and truly has a passion for the game, and I respect that. As far as those who hate his dancing and dabbing…extend your knowledge and understanding of other cultures besides your own. Take time to understand that not everyone is like you, not everyone has to react and respond to things like you do. Don’t be so quick to throw the “arrogant” label on guys. He’s having fun, maybe you should lighten up a little yourself?

Congrats to the Broncos for winning Super Bowl 50, well played gentlemen…well played.

Denver win Super Bowl 50

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