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Branding from A to Z, Microwave Culture + Passion vs Niche

On this episode we are joined by Jordan from PreFocus (@theprefocus). We cover all the important details of branding and why it’s important to you. In 2018 branding is not just for businesses but also for your on personal media profiles and other parts of your life. Jordan believes in certain methods in regards to branding that he shares with us and what’s right and wrong in today’s culture. As two Raider fans we find a way to include the Raiders in our conversation on branding. Your going to really enjoy this one!

On this episode:

– A through Z on branding

– Microwave culture

– Know your audience

– Jon Gruden a branding tool for Raiders

– Do you have to choose a niche?

– One important word you need to know!

*** This episode features musical artist Atiya with her song “Balance” featuring J-Danzo ***

Atiya Balance

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Shout out to the guys over at Liquid Spiral for providing the intro & outro music.

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