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Brain Games…Do They Help?

We all hear the hype right now around games that are supposed to help your brain function. The market for this idea is so out of control that you can even download smartphone apps to give your brain a light workout everyday if you’d like. Not only free apps, but people believe in the idea of brain exercises helping brain function so much so that they are willing to pay for monthly & yearly memberships.

Well, the intelligent people over at Science Mag (Read Article) cite that the latest research & studies may not exactly agree with this line of thinking. They state that much of the research is one sided & does not provide all the data needed to really show brain improvement through the exercises in a broad sense rather then one skill.

Personally, I don’t feel as though the games hurt, but I also don’t think they make any kind of drastic improvements to your mind. I do remember playing many RPG games as a young child & those I do believe made a difference. Whether they helped me read better, expanded my vocabulary or helped with problem solving, I am not sure, but I like to think they did. So, while I have all the old school NES, SNES & PS1 games to thank for my brain skills or lack thereof, the debate will wage on.

My advice: Play games that make you think once and awhile and have fun. They may not help…but they certainly don’t hurt.


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