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Bacon = Cigarettes? Not So Fast…

At this point I am pretty sure everyone has seen or heard about the recent Bacon / processed meat scare brought to us by WHO (the World Health Organization). If you missed it, there report (found here: WHO Article) mentions scientifically backed evidence proves that eating bacon and other processed meats cause your odds of getting colorectal cancer to raise.

Should you stop eating bacon now?

This report of course caused an uproar all over the internet and on TV. Suddenly eating bacon was no worse then smoking cigarettes and we were all doomed to get cancer thanks to the processed meat we had eaten. So the report was kinda right, but realistically blown out of portion quiet a bit. It seems that the bacon and processed meats you eat can cause cancer, but the risk of that being the cause of you getting cancer are really quiet low and in my opinion not enough for you to be concerned about, unless you are really putting back processed meat on the regular.

The good folks over at Wired also put up some great information in a article they posted not long after the WHO studies were published. For a more in depth look and understanding of why you really shouldn’t worry about the latest bacon scare too much, check out their article here.

If you happen to be eating some greasy bacon at the moment and don’t want to touch the keyboard and mouse to much with your greasy fingers too much. In just one click you could watch the video below brought to you by Eliot & Ricky from ETC News who sum up the recent findings by WHO. These two say its a good bet you should probably calm your nerves about bacon just a tad bit, keep eating it and it may just be the secret weapon you need to live to 116 years old.


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