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Disney Fit

disney fit

You ready for the latest weight loss craze? The workout everyone has been talking about? Do you want to see immediate results in a matter of days? Well, you came to the right place!   Ok…it’s not that serious. But I did recently go on a family trip to Disney ...

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Connect The Dots

We all fall into slumps…we all get lazy…pull yourself up out of it. Be GREAT today. Do something BETTER than you did it yesterday. Nothing beats HARD WORK.    

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What’s That Smell?

What’s that smell? Did someone leave two week old tuna fish leftovers in the break-room fridge again? Oh wait, I see what it is now. It’s the 5 players in fantasy football that are going to stink it up this season that you’ll want to avoid. Every year there is ...

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Top 10 NFL Fantasy Sleepers

The infamous fantasy sleepers list. Yes, the highly debated group of players that one feels the average fantasy player is sleeping on. Players that do not typically go as early in the draft as they should in regards to the stats they will put up. I will keep this short, ...

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Brain Games…Do They Help?

brain games

We all hear the hype right now around games that are supposed to help your brain function. The market for this idea is so out of control that you can even download smartphone apps to give your brain a light workout everyday if you’d like. Not only free apps, but ...

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Want To Laugh?

Nothing is better than some good old fashion comedy when you need your spirits lifted…actually…not many things are better than comedy, PERIOD. In case you have a heavy heart right now, or maybe you’re down about something, or maybe you just want to laugh. I figured I would drop some ...

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To Buy, or Not To Buy

That is the question. I have been playing Madden since 94 so we are talking slightly over 20 years. Within those 20 years, we have seen major strides in the gaming industry, so obviously Madden today is nowhere near the same game it was 20+ years ago. With all the ...

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