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Aaron Gordon robbed

Aaron Gordon Robbed

You read the title correctly, but unless you watched the 2016 NBA Dunk Contest, you are likely missing the context. Aaron Gordon robbed, this is a true statement, but the robbery did not include an armed man with a ski-mask. Instead the heist was committed by the NBA Dunk Contest judges.

Zach Lavine, your 2016 NBA Dunk Contest Champion would probably tell you himself that Aaron Gordon deserved to win the title this year. In his post contest speech he was incredibly humble and gave Aaron his proper dues. By no means is Zach guilty for this dunk contest robbery, quite the opposite in all honesty.

Aaron Gordon robbed
Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

So this begs the questions…what the hell were the judges watching?!? Zach made some amazing dunks and put on a show for sure. Aaron however did dunks that we have never seen inside an NBA Dunk Contest. Well timed, well executed and tons of creativity and Mr. Gordon carried them out with such mastery. The story-line here may not be that Aaron Gordon was robbed, but more-so the fact that we finally have a true dunk contest once again. Yeah, I said it…we are finally coming back around to some truly talented individuals taking part in this competition. We may no longer have Jason Richardson, Spud Webb and Vince Carter throwing down a dunk highlight reel for us, but Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon have made us re-live the feeling again. They have re-inspired our faith in the NBA Dunk Contest and for that we thank them.

But come on NBA…you messed up…we all do so it’s ok. Next time, you either award the tie to both guys, or you find a new voting system because the judges were horrible. Matter of fact, find a new voting system regardless because this system is broken. We finally have guys who are capable of wowing us all with their athleticism, it’s your move now NBA.

Check out the video highlights below of both Zach’s and Aaron’s amazing dunks:

Let us know in the comment section below or hit us up on Twitter and tell us who YOU think won the 2016 NBA Dunk Contest. Did the judges get it right? Who should enter the contest next season?

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