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15 Minute Break with No Halftime

“15 Minute Break” Interview with No Halftime

Today we sat down in the Breakroom for our “15 Minute Break” interview with the guys from No Halftime. For those familiar with No Halftime (which you should if you’re a Clock Dodger) you know about the app they created and you have taken part in its greatness. If you’re new around these parts and you haven’t been properly introduced to No Halftime, now is the perfect time. First thing I ask is that you click the banner below and go register for an account now. This way once you are finished reading the interview I had with No Halftime, you will be ready to start challenging the competition and winning yourself some serious cash.


15 Minute Break________________________________________________________________________________

Ok, so now that you’ve registered and downloaded the app. Let’s get into the “15 Minute Break” interview and see what the guys from No Halftime have been up to since bringing us to this new level of Fantasy Sports.




  1. What are you guys most proud of achieving in 2015?

Great question! We would say launching our iOS in October ahead of the NBA season. We would have liked to have launched the app by September to capitalize more on the NFL season but we’re not complaining.

We’re a small team so this has been our most significant goal to date. Very easy for a product to get delayed for months or never launch. So very pleased with us getting out the gates in October.


  1. What is one goal for No Halftime in 2016?

To successfully launch our Android version ahead of the 2016 MLB season.


  1. DraftKings & FanDuel are popular names in the DFS circle, what does No Halftime do differently than those sites?

Those are very popular names in the fantasy sports universe, and glad that they’ve paved the way for other, innovative fantasy sports services such as No Halftime.

We focus on individual matchups instead of lineup based matchups.


  1. Any concern with the pressure being applied to the DFS industry as a whole? It seems like DFS has a big target on its back right now.

Double-edged sword right? The titans of the industry were trying to capitalize on the momentum generated in the last year or so, by investing heavily into marketing. I’m sure their investors also influenced their strategies to the extent that a majority of the sports crowd in the US knew their brands from seeing their constant ads on TV, in the subway, arenas, etc.. but at the same time it also alerted the politicians and casinos. 

The pressure is good, and from it frameworks will be created to better protect the customers and regulate the industry. Another positive note it might influence payment providers and banks to do business with fantasy sports services.

We’re all for regulation.

We don’t see fantasy sports , traditional or daily, going anywhere anytime soon. And the industry will evolve. And the states will incorporate / set guidelines to follow.


  1. Personally I love the app & the challenge system because it reminds me of the good old fashioned bets with your buddies. What is the background story to the creation of No Halftime?

Thank you!

We’ve been playing fantasy sports for decades, let me count. Yeah, around two decades.

Really simple story; several years ago we started to discuss creating a service that would allow us to create challenges against each other. We would always look at each other’s lineup and say, hey my QB will do better than your QB and so on. So we would always do what No Halftime allows fantasy sports users to do today.

And to some extent trying to come up with a way to enjoy sports such as NBA and MLB. See traditionally we’ve been fantasy football geeks / enthusiasts but have always had a deep passion for other sports which are more daily in framework such as basketball. We could never get into the season long setups for basketball but thought a simple, service such as No Halftime would assist.

There you have it…


  1. What was the biggest challenge you guys faced in starting up No Halftime?

Ensuring that the technology works as it should. Without that you have nothing. It’s important that users have a bug free experience in the app. No one wants to use an app that has tons of bugs and crashes all the time.


  1. What is it with Fantasy Sports that has people so addicted? The money? The competitive spirit, or something else?

 The competitive aspect of fantasy sports appeals to the masses. And for those who follow the sports and watch games frequently, there’s the added satisfaction of feeling as if they’re a part of the game. It’s just so exciting…


  1. What is your definition of success?

For No Halftime it would be to become a part of the fantasy sports ecosystem where fantasy sport users go to when they want to create player vs player matchups. Would be great to be a reputable brand that has the respect of its users. 

Since we always define success with numbers and figures, on that front, we would say in the short-term having a five-digit number of active users that create and accept several challenges a month, and in the long-term approaching a six-digit number of active users.


  1. At Clock Dodgers we like to push others to follow their passions like you guys did by creating No Halftime, any advice to those people?

Just go for it… don’t hesitate. But be prudent with your planning, and understand how risks could affect you (and others).


  1. Obviously all you guys are fantasy sports die-hards, time for the question that none of you will agree on. Which one of you are the best at fantasy sports?

Funny question. I’m sure we all think we’re the best but uhm… data would probably give our marketing guy the edge. He’s done the best against the other founders. But it would be close….


  1. Random: Since we are in the midst of the Republican & Democratic debates, how do you guys feel about the possibility of Trump being elected President?

Could we say no comment? 

Politics is a tricky subject but we do discuss it on a daily basis. Going to be interesting to see who wins between Hillary and Bernie, and Trump vs the Republican field. It looks like it’s 50/50 in terms of which side will win… 

Our votes probably would go towards the candidate that most supports fantasy sports. 🙂


  1. It appears as though the potential of Fantasy Sports/DFS is limitless. Websites, apps, books, etc…is there still a ton of room for growth in this industry?

FSTA / IPSOS indicates that they’re about 56.8m that play fantasy sports. If we just assume that’s 75% accurate, we’re still looking at a lot of players. We believe there’s still room to grow especially in terms of converting traditional fantasy players to daily games such as No Halftime. 

Fantasy sports have increased membership for premium services such as NFL game pass, increased jersey sales and much more. There’s a lot of growth potential not only in terms of playing fantasy sports but in the greater sports industry.

We already have a few other fantasy sports app ideas but we’re not telling you. Not yet at least 🙂

The industry is going to continue to grow.


  1. NFL MVP is all the talk right now, but who do you guys think is the Fantasy Football MVP this season?

We’re actually writing an article about this as we speak. It’s Cam Newton in our opinion. Could you imagine him dappin’ after he received the NFL’s MVP award? That would be super cool! 


  1. I just created a challenge on the No Halftime App. Russell Wilson vs Cam Newton…who wants it?

Someone will take it before we do. That’s a great challenge.


  1. Any new updates/plans coming soon that you guys would like to promote or any message for our readers?

Users will soon be able to add friends to the app which will make it easier to invite friends to challenges. We’ve incorporated the ability for the cards to flip over but we haven’t released this functionality yet. But when we do, users will be able to see statistics and results. 

We’ll also be launching ATP in January.

There you have it, another “15 Minute Break” interview in the books! We at Clock Dodgers just want to say thank you to the guys at No Halftime for taking out time to speak with us. They are running a good company over there and will only continue to grow. Besides the fact that they have a great app that’s easy to use and also gave us another way to participate in fantasy sports. They also have great customer service and are super helpful through social media platforms like Twitter. As always, we ask that our fellow Clock Dodgers support those who we the site supports. Download the No Halftime app by clicking the banner below & start accepting challenges. There’s money to be won after all!
15 Minute Break
If you have any questions for the guys at No Halftime or want to challenge one of your Clock Dodger brethren on the app, then let them know in the comments below. If you would like to recommend someone for us to speak with for a future “15 Minute Break” interview, send us an email or message us on Twitter.



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